Kaysan Project Management

The first specialized reference for project management in the Iranian oil and gas industry.

Kaysan Project Management (KPM) provides expert project management services to the oil & energy, construction, and mining sectors. We are committed to advancing analytical solutions that quickly and efficiently assimilate the information and knowledge of your organization.

KPM offers:

  • Project Management Services in the Oil & Energy Industry
  • Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis for Projects
  • Expert Services for Quantitative Risk Analysis on Projects
  • Expert and Forensic Services for Project Schedules and Schedule Claims
  • Unique Schedule and Cost Benchmarking and Analytical Services for Upstream Projects
  • Strategic Solutions to Improve the Quality and Cut the Costs of Project Controls Deliverables

Our analysis assists our clients in making key project decisions such as:

Is the project sufficiently funded?

Is the level of contingency correct?

Are the mitigation plans appropriate?

What is the deterministic confidence level?

What are the most significant risks in the project schedule?

Is this the right decision for our project or company?

What should be our strategic approach to this issue or problem?

We are professionals in Project Management, Cost Estimate, Cost Control, Knowledge Management, PMO Setup, Implementing Schedule and Cost Benchmarking, Risk Analysis, and Schedule Delay Analysis.