Integrated Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis Using Risk Driver Method

Workshop in Nargan

Successfully Held “Integrated Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis Using Risk Driver Method” Training Course (Online) for the first time in Iran by Kaysan Project Management . I am so happy that I had a great chance to share my 8 years of practical experience in both qualitative risk analysis and quantitative risk analysis in different industries with all participants (7 Project Managers and 15 Lead & Senior Project Controls Engineers) in this course.

The course went into great detail about my favorite method (Risk Driver Approach), which should risk interviews focuses on risks rather than impacted activity durations and drive the schedule risk by the risks already analyzed in the risk register. The course explained and helped the participant better take advantage of the Risk Driver method and Schedule Levels in AACE’s Recommended Practice No. 57R-09, “INTEGRATED COST AND SCHEDULE RISK ANALYSIS USING MONTE CARLO SIMULATION OF A CPM MODEL ” and a copy was included with the registration.

I conducted from A to Z of Project Risk Assessment workshop and Integrated Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis workshop with all participants for the case study which was International Gas Offshore Platform.

I look forward to seeing lots of old and new friends at the upcoming course (Practical Project Controls Best Practices) in March 2022!

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